Amanah dan rutinitas yang silih berganti, tak dapat dipungkiri cukup menguras energi, sangat mungkin menyisakan rasa penat dalam jiwa.
Layaknya mesin, ada masanya dimana ia harus berhenti sejenak untuk menghindari kerusakan dari pemakaian berlebihan.
Terkadang, menarik diri dari rutinitas yang ada dapat menjadi obat yang cukup ampuh. Memisahkan penat dari jiwa, menyatukan kembali keping harapan.

Menikmati detik romantis di waktu lelap bersama Pemilik Kehidupan. Mengokohkan kembali azzam yang mulai rapuh.

berbisik dan bersimpuh padaNya adalah sebaik-baik obat.
Menepilah sejenak, temukanlah rinai yang mampu membasahi jiwa yang mulai gersang.


Reflection on Being an Elder Sisters

People are always learning and growing. And growing up as an older sister can be difficult sometimes. Have two siblings was a pretty great experience.

Since i’m the eldest, parents expect a lot from me. Like living, life, make a decision, doing everything’s right, etc. Sometimes, it’s so difficult and hard to live up their expectation. I must being a role model (whether i like or not) for my sisters. That’s no small responsibility. It’s make me want to be a better person than i am now. 

As the eldest, i have someone look up to me as much as she does and respect me. There’s someone in the world who loves me and depends on me. That’s a challenge to me to be my best self for them.

When i’m being a big sister, i learned how’s the feeling to care about someone more than i cared about my self. There was times when mom and dad wasn’t around, i had to be the parents to my siblings.

Having sibling is probably one of the greatest experience in my life and i’m blessed have them. Ega is an ambitious sister, she always serious. But when she makes a joke, it’s always make me can’t stop laughing. She is my best friend. I always share and discuss about anything with her. I can always to go her for anything that’s on my mind, we’ve always been close through everything.

My little sister, Ay, is always find something to make me angry. She love to sing and wanna be an artist when she was little. She is very ‘noisy’, haha. But i think, i can see my self in those innocent eyes because she is a part of me.

My sisters mean the world to me. I want to protect them. I feel their fears, their hope, and dreams. I want to protect them from everything, take away any pain they might feel. I want to be they greatest supporter, i’ll fight for them when they can’t fight for herself.

I learned, that love isn’t selfish. But love allows the person to grow. To love someone is want the best for them. I want to always help them become the best version of they can be. But since i want them to be their best self, i need to be my best self too.

Being a big sister has been the best gift my parent could ever have given me. No matter what happens when we get older and grow up, we’re always going to be there for each other, I know they will always been there for me until the end.