Flash Thought at 08.08 pm

Love-Momen - Copy

It’s May and it’s mean time to reflect back on the last month. I have a lot of good moments in this month. Some moments are nice, some are nicer, and some are even worth writing. Here are my best moments of April:

  1. Going home
  2. Lean on mother’s hug
  3. When his family came to my house and get silaturrahim with my family, ah i just falling in love with this moment! I’ve a new family, soon, in syaa Allah 🙂
  4. Listening to the rain pouring outside
  5. Falling in love and being loved by him
  6. Enjoying the night and seeing the one i love happy
  7. When he tell me “i love you” every day
  8. “Accidentally” hearing someone say something good about me
  9. Talk with an old friend and remembering great memories
  10. Being a part of an interesting conversation
  11. Laughing with no reason :p

I think every moment of life is best because you can learn new things from every moment.

If you have a good moment, be thankful to Allah. But if you’ve the bad ones, keep being thankful because Allah let you learn from that.


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