Flash Thoughts at 04.43 am

Perspective is an interesting thing.

Look at that picture. You may see two faces while another may see a vase. Both people are 100% honest and truthful and they are also both right, at least according to their perspective. Yup, an extremely important thing in communication is to understand that everybody speaks (and can only really do so) from her/his perspective. Our perception is depends on our perspective.

The best way you can do to deal with that is by empathic listening. This means that you listen to the other person and try to see the world as he/she sees it. This doesn’t mean that you give up your perspective. It means that you add another viewpoint.

The process of personal growth is also the process of broadening your own perspective. It is the process of becoming aware of deeper principles and of including more than our own ego into our perspective. And seeing different perspectives will help to reduce distressing emotions, help us feel more confident, enable us to be more understanding and empathic, and improve communication and relationships.

Yup, perspective isn’t so much about what we look at, but it is more about where we look from.



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