My Perfect Family

Mom loves sewing,

Dad loves mix&match,

I loves sketching,

Ega loves to capture,

and Ay loves to be a model.

We’re like a fashion company, aren’t we?

Mom loves vegetables,

Dad loves eggs,

I loves fruit,

Ega loves ice cream,

and Ay loves chicken leg.

We must open a family restaurant, i think. haha

Mom loves aerobic,

Dad loves badminton,

I loves pilates,

Ega loves running,

and Ay loves swimming.

We’re gonna be healthy family.

Mom loves brown,

Dad loves black,

I loves green,

Ega loves pink,

and Ay loves blue.

We have our own rainbow whenever and wherever.

Mom loves watching movie,

Dad loves singing,

I love dancing (when do a zumba exercise),

Ega loves to listening music,

and Ay loves singing like dad.

We all loves to entertain ourself haha.

Mom loves to read an inspirational book,

Dad loves to read a political book,

I loves to read a child psychology book, 

Ega loves to read a novel,

and Ay loves to read a self improvement book.

Our dream is have a little (or big?) library in our home.

We’re a perfect family, alhamdulillah.

We have a lot of different thing.

But we have a same point of view.

We loves to be healthy, happy, relaxed, 

and more than that, we loves each other.

When we loves each other,

we don’t just look at each other,

but we look in the same direction.

Yup, the same direction,

the most important direction in our life, Jannah.


Much Love,


Mom & Dad

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